Mr C


Mr C was born in Greenwich on 7th February 1812. The second of eight children, he grew up under the watchful eye of his father, Ronald, a naval pay officer and his beloved mother, Gertie. 

In 1956 Mr C bought a guitar and one year later he and his good friend, Mr C, formed a 'skiffle' group named, "Sons of the Dessert". They were soon signed up by a major record label and after a string of hits, including the classic, 'John Wesney went to Tetney', the lads split the band up and went their separate ways. 


It was at this point that Mr C fell upon hard times. He spent most of the late 1960's and early '70s travelling with a circus as a trainee lion tamer. In 1973 his mentor, Vaclav Havel, was unfortunately severely injured by an irate chimpanzee. This allowed Mr C to become the 'Lion-master', but unfortunately Mr C soon fell from grace when, on the night of 13th July 1985, he was found in a compromising position with a lioness named 'Mitzy'! 


The period following these fateful events was not as gloomy as you might think. After a brief spell as an onion Bhaji maker on a Cunard ferry, Mr C found fame with a young group of Irish Girls. They had formed a 'pop' band called 'The Nolans' and needed a sixth member for the group. Mr C shaved his legs, purchased a hair piece and squeezed into a tight fitting dress to fill the gap as the 6th Nolan. Before long the sextuplet went on to tour Europe and the Far East. The bubble was soon to burst however, when an unfortunate incident in the ladies toilet of Bangkok nightclub revealed Mr C's true identity as a man (Shane Ritchie has never spoken to Mr C since!) 


In late 1996 Mr C met up once again with Mr C and they decided to form 'Up Your Chuff' Productions. The combination of Mr C's acerbity and Mr C's gentleness have made them the most influential performers of all time… by far! 


Of the new show Mr C says, "We shall light a candle of understanding in your heart, which shall not be put out."  


The Other Mr C 

The Other Mr CThe Other Mr C was born in Simbirsk in 1940. The son of a school master, The Other Mr C was educated at the University of Kazan and at the University of St. Petersburg, where he studied Marxism and began his involvement with revolutionary politics. He was arrested in 1965 and sent to a Siberian prison. On completion of his jail sentence, The Other Mr C decided to keep out of the public eye for a while; he went into hiding and re-emerged in 1970 with a new programme for the promotion of world peace. This failed to really catch on and so he went to work in a McDonald’s restaurant to earn a bit of cash. 


Various jobs followed including a three year stint as an extra in a 'Dario Argento' movie. 


In 1994 The Other Mr C became involved with a comedy project; two years later he decided that shoving hot needles into his arse might prove slightly more comfortable than working on said project and so he left to meet up with his old friend, Mr C. 


The Mr C’s decided to form 'Up Your Chuff Productions' in 1997 and The Other Mr C has not looked back since. 


Of the new show, Mr C says, "Cheer up, the worst is yet to come!" 



10527908_964298376933140_7350841655422575933_n.jpgAdam Morrison-Jones was born in Bromley, Kent; he is the illegitimate grandson of Oscar Wilde. As the result of a boyhood accident he became an omnivorous reader, which provided an opportunity to supplement his meagre Elementary-school education.


Adam emerged to become one of Britain's greatest philosophers. Jones sought to develop an original metaphysics. Although far from easy to understand, it is clear that central to much of his thought is the concept of freedom. "Man is free", he declared.


In 1987 Adam decided to form a television production company, 'Philosophy for All Productions'. The company concentrated on the promotion of philosophically challenging TV quiz shows. However, the programmes that he produced, namely, 'Play Your Cartomancy Right', 'The Wheel of Fatalism' and 'The Price is Right... or Perhaps Not!' all failed to receive commissions from the terrestrial channels. The company went into bankruptcy and Jones returned to his native Kent, where he joined 'Madam Blavatsky's School of Theosophy'.


In July 1997 he met with Mr C and The Other Mr C. The lads invited Jones to work with them and since then his input into their production company, 'Up Your Chuff, has proved invaluable.


Of the new show, Adam says, "lacta alea est... apparently!"