“Love this show....makes having a week doing a shit job bearable knowing the weekend starts on Chuffday now instead of Friday. Welcome back and thanks chaps!”

                                               Michael Stewart

“Back to Chuffing on a Thursday after the Xmas break. My world is complete”

                                               Vivanne Leonard

“Top old show gents, still not sure about them Zep fellas, but that second track was top notch.” Dave Ash


“Thanks chaps absolutely spiffing, bang on, Rupert rogering fun. Have a good week gang , speak to you soon.” Neil Vessey

“That was one hell of a show - looking forward to replaying it - brilliant band in the studio as well - Cheers Mr Cs - see you soon Chuffers! “

“Mr C is tracktankerous tonight”

“Now this is the way it should be done.”


“That Mr C's was a quite brilliant show! Great fun chuffers as ever....gonna be a great day when we all meet up eventually!

“Thanks for having me on guys, really enjoyed being up the chuff with you" Diane Dunn

“I’m Billy Chong, and I’m a Chuffaholic.. Oh Yeah!” Billy Chong “Bluesman”

“Top show tonight, loved the variety. Nite Nite chuffers and chuffets, top banter as always. Be safe.”


“Top show Mr C and Mr B live sounds were top, great way to close the Chuffliament for this year. Long live the revolution and Power to the people.”

“Politics, Revolution and the Regulars? My kinda night!”

“Top show gents, I'm just finishing a four hour chuff binge, listened to last week’s show on mix cloud followed by an amazing live two hours, top job”

“It just keeps gettin better.”